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My Profilux 3eX is pretty much stock, but I have added the ADIN module which allows for analog and digital input. My hope is to integrate this with an external logic box to do some fun stuff and trigger events. More on this later.

I've pretty much fully loaded my Profilux Expansion box (the bottom unit). I have added 12 extra L Ports (the 0-10V ports that are used for controlling things like dimmable lighting, speed controlled pumps, etc). I usually use my expansion box as the interface for the lights and have it remotely mounted in a canopy. I won't be able to do that with this build, but I still plan on using many, many L ports to control all of the LED's. The goal is to be able to control every string of 12 LED's seperately to really dial in some nice visual effects.

While most of the features of the "EX" model are salt water oriented, I will still be uing the sensors for Ph, Temperature, and Level control
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