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Holy crap today was a busy day. Recovered all of the equipment I want to re-use and sold off a ton of older stuff. Picked up my first 4 bags of flourite dark (I'm going to need several more).

Here is most of the major equipment I plan on re-using.

On the right you can see the LED array as I plan on laying it out in the new light hood. Two 30" strips in the middle (12 Cree XPGs Cool White, and 12 Cree XPE Royal Blue), with a 12 LED pendant dead center (6 XPG and 6 XPE) to brighten it up. Then 2 pendants on the ends with 12 XPG and 12 XPE each (where most of the planting will be, negative space in the middle).

The left is most of the profilux equipment. The Profilux 3eX, Expansion box and doser. There are 3 x 6 outlet power bars, but I suspect I will really only be using two of them.

Its starting to come together... Should be grabbing the tank on thursday

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