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First Planted Tank

Hello everyone,

This is my first planted tank and first post on this site!

I am in the proces of turning my 10G betta tank into a planted tank. Here's my setup so far

Standard 10G tank with small HOB filter using filter floss and biomax
Standard incodecent fixture with two 23W 6500K CFLs
25W Heater
One betta

Here's what I plan to add:
Begin dosing with Flourish after a month
Flourish plant tabs

1 Red Flame
1 Hygrophila, Temple Narrow Leaf - Bunch Plant
1 Micro Sword
2 Anubias Nana
2 Anubias hastifolia
1 Wisteria
3 Java Ferns

Here's my questions:
What do you think of this setup and plant selection?
Should I add CO2?
Should I add flourite or some sort of plant substrate?

Any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated!
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