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20 gallon tank, after all said and done I found 15 plus the 2 dead random ones.... I think they all hatched. I threw all the plants out that were in the tank. sifted the substarte with a sifter I have, just beg enough to let the substrate through and nothing else. and then put it back into the tank, filled it with water, and I am going to run it with some larger zebra danios I have and maybe a larger bottom dweller for a month, and see if anything pops up. Throw a occasional water bottle in with a algae waffer to see if anything crawls in it. Yeah I got some U. gibba as well int he shipment, caught that right away. I also noticed when I was getting everything out, that I probably got hydra from it as well. Found some on the back corner of the tank I cant really view... Seeing the ony thing I put in this tank outside of what I pulled from 100% clean and health other tanks was the hybrid shrimp and the planst that they taged along on.

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