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Thanks FIRSTMR: That's a good idea, I will check their fittings out. A new problem I discovered with my setup is the Clippard solenoid runs so hot I am not sure if it would even be a good idea to connect directly to the regulator? It may not be a problem with the heat need another opinion on that . If the soleniod heats up the regulator a little I am wondering if it would be bad for the system. Another issue is with the addition of the clippard solenoid + new needle valve or even the current stock needle valve I would have a long extension of metal hanging out to the side. Probably not that bad, but for me I do not have a standard cabinet to store all my equipment on my set up. Like I said it is more of a science project than display even though I spend too many hours each day looking at it. I guess I should not complain the regulator was given to me by a friend & I believe it costs about 70-80 bucks compared to $200-250, regulators you get what you pay for, however it makes a good starter system for people who want to get into a pressurized CO2 system for less money. I guess I could find an elbow & a straight to make it work. Thanks
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