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The eggs have a hard shell type covering that I believe would ward off any hungry shrimp.

My barbs started to look for nymphs after I fed them literally 50 or so decapitated ones. The bodyless heads still had fight in them, so I gave the batch a 2nd trimming where I sliced off their jaws.

Oh yeah, I also added in some boiling hot water to the container to parcook the insect parts before I poured it into the tank.

It's fun to watch the nymphs attack their pray, their mouthpiece shoots out to grab the victim like a razor sharp grappling hook.
  • So you'll be nuking a 55G tank? I would have loaded it up with fish instead for a week & intentionally not feed the fish. They will clean up the pests when they're hungry.

My gang of rosy barbs or my inquisitive sorority of f-bettas would also do a great job of insect removal.
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