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55g Rescape Journal

Hi, my tank has been running (again) for 6 months now. I am not good at aqua-scaping and really want advice/suggestions from anyone that has some to give. Thanks in advance.

Current Equipment:
2 MP Bio Wheel Filters
300 watt heater
48" shop light 6500k
Bubble disc
DIY sponge bottle filter

Current Plants:
Water Sprite
Amazon Sword & Unknown Sword
Corkscrew Vals (just received and have melted, hope they recover)
Red Tiger Lotus
Java Moss
ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata
Java Ferns (3 wendelov love & 2 regular, have them but not in tank yet)
No ferts

Current Inhabitants:
3 Bolivian Rams
4 Rosy Barbs (2 are long-finned m/f)
2 Otos
4 Fals julii Cory Catfish
2 Bristlenose Plecos
4 Silvertip Tetra's (2 orange/2 yellow)
2 Ghost Shrimp (was 6, being eaten by other inhabitants)

Current Decor:
Pool Filter Sand
Coconut Halves
Driftwood (2' and I really want to break/cut into 2-3 pieces)
DIY Rock Cave & Arch
Glass Votive
Rock Trail

2 inches of organic potting soil capped with 1.5 inches of pool filter sand

First, I really want to break/cut this huge piece of DW so I can utilize the dw and tank space more efficiently. Does anyone have suggestions how to do it without it being a "perfect cut" with a saw?
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