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New Tank - Upgrading Current Tank - Advice?

Hi all,

I am going to be upgrading from a 55 gallon to 75 or 90 gallon tank. I need some advice on the transfer and set up since I can now kind of redo my tank.

Here's what I am currently running:

55 gallon tank
T5HO 6500k light x4
Eco Complete substrate - 100% Eco Complete
Pressurized CO2 with pH controller and DIY CO2 Reactor (Rex Griggs style with bioballs inside) LINK
Magnum 350
Magnum HOT for water polishing/circulation
500 GPH circulation pump (small 'fan' that sits in the tank pushing water)
20 nerites
~70 RCS
4 platys
12 neon tetras
Fair number of plants, lots of moss

With all that in mind, what would you change/update etc (except the lighting!). I am thinking I need to upgrade the Magnum 350. Was looking at a Fluval 406. I know I need more light so 2 more T5HO's are in order.

What about substrate. That's my main question. What's the best idea for the substrate. It's about three years old now.

Thanks in advance!
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