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Well, today I began the process of tearing down my reef, and salvaging the equipment that will be used on this tank. Came across a few pieces of equipment that will come in handy!

First off, the doser. This is a GHL 4 Pump Slave doser that will be controlled by my Profilux. It has served me well in the past, and I am looking forward to having it dose my fertilizers automatically for me.

Secondly, the Dosing chambers. I have two 5 Litre containers and two 2.5 litre containers. These will house whatever ferts I decide to come up with. Typically I used to dose KNo3, Potassium, Iron, and Tropica Master grow (I think its Plant nutrition liquid these days) for micros.

And I totally forgot I had this... I used to have a collection of Ecotech pumps but sold most of them off after I got rid of my 265 gallon aquarium. This is an older Mp10, but I have the Mp10ES upgrade kit, and the wireless module to upgrade it. Once it is wireless, my profilux will be able to control it (via the GHL Vortech control module). This will be mounted on the tank opposite to the canister filter return, and will be used to produce random currents. I can program this pump with the profilux to produce different wave patterns whenever I want at any time during the day (such as 10% at night, then random waves throughout the day, or running full tilt during a thunderstorm)

More parts are coming home with me tomorrow once the reef is torn down.

Also as a plus my tank has been built and I will be picking it up next week. Once my stand arrives this build is about to kick off!
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