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Question Question! My CRS/CBS got babies

Hi everyone,

I do have about 6 SSS CBS and 10 SSS CRS in a same 7gal tank. When I bought them, they were young adult, after 3-4 month, couple of them got pregant and then now there are babies . I do notice 1-3 babies are dead no idea why, water temp/condition/level are the same .

Other babies are still doing good. I can see most of them right now look like candy cane, but I see some look like SS grade and some look SSS, maybe it too early to tell? The question I have .. Those adult/parents are SSS grade, why some babies are back in SS? Should all of them be in SSS?

I cant wait for those babies grow up so I want to see their exact color because the adults CBS/CRS were together in same tank. Because some of my CBS/CRS adult losing their white color body and turn into transparent ... I guess my current food for them isnt that great

What are the best food brand to help the grow as well as help the color of those shrimp look good? Any suggestions please share. Thanks

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