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Originally Posted by TheRiverRat View Post
I am pretty terrible at identifying plants hahah, but I am pretty sure the first picture of the second post is a crypt wendtii 'red' with anarachis in the back. Not so sure I see an amazon sword in there. I think the last pic far left back plant is a type of crypt also, but then again I am a plant n00b so I could be wrong again. I think the watersprite is the cool fern looking plant. As for the grass maybe micro sword or some real small jungle val.

I am in the same boat as you kind of just started up my first real planted tank in a 55. My only suggestion would be to maybe get a t-5 light, I think some of your plants might struggle with the current lights you have.

Crypts are looking really healthy! Excited to see the tank evolve and get thick with plants. Good luck!
Well cool thanks for that, I was pretty sure its an amazon sword, but who knows. I think the grass is a micro sword, going to look into that.

Lighting is one of the things I am considering upgrading, I am currently risking sunlight as my main light source, so I am going to see how that goes.

Its a north facing window so it should be consistent light.

As far as cutting the plants to help them propagate are there any good guides on that. Most of what I have found has been basic.

I know now I should have clipped the crypts roots to help it grow, but lesson learned.
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