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First Planted Tank 55g

Tank: 55g
Filter: Petco Power Filter 65.
Lighting: 2 random lights
Heater: 200w Tetra
Substrate: Flourite
Flora: I am not to sure could use some help here. Red Root Floater, Amazon sword, Water Sprite, some type of Crypt, Anacharis, some sort of grass, and two others I am unsure of.
Fauna: 6x Prestilla Tetra, 3x Ornate Tetra, Dwarf Albino Pleco, 10 pink zebra danios, 6x Sydonis Ocellifer Cat, 10x Cherry Red Shrimp, 6x Assassin Snails, and a bunch of random snails.

My first tank in about 20 years or so, got the itch when my gf brought home an adopted goldfish. Got a free tank filter and some tank lights.
Started looking online and found planted tanks and said hey that looks like fun.
I kinda jumped in not really having a plan, and I would probably make a few changes if I started over again.
But I like winging it, and planning is for the second tank.

So here are some pics.


Early Feb/Late Jan 2013

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