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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Thanks! I (and by "I"? I mean "we" - even though I do all the work) just decided simple was best. Have trimmed the moss a couple times and obviously need to work on it again this weekend.

Looking forward to watching the Crypts grow and spread this year.

Really enjoying all the open space for Cory observation. They're so much more fun in small tanks like this. The C. habrosus I've got in my 220 at work just seem to disappear into the abyss of moss.

You should see all the snails come out during feeding time. Probably 200 Pond Snails (I for real selectively breed them, much to the shock of most on here) and 100ish MTS of various sizes. Only a handful of Ramshorns in this tank, though.

I got some MTS from Msjinkdz and they bred and were fine for a while then died. Besides algae wafers and the like is there any special way I need to feed them if I get more MTS? I love MTS they are so cute!

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