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Originally Posted by shift View Post
Only one of the tank had dirt so I will defiantly have to do a bit of ferts. Ill snap better pics of them later. I do have some nutra fin plant gro and was thinking of doing a half dosage once a week since i have shrimp. do ypu just add them in with water changes? Do you add the amount for the whole tank or just what amount of water you are replacing?

I Also have to work on better lighting for those tanks, I will probably work on adding a few more led strips

So far one tank has CRS/CBS and the other has Rillis. Once I am able to do a bit more breeding they will double as fry tanks. It should be a fun process
You follow the directions on the bottle and 50% water change before you start again. And I assume you already know whether you should fertilize a soil substrate. It should only be helping (substrate fertilizer) plants that are heavy root feeders.

I would say go ahead with the Plant Gro if you find by reading the bottle that it's suitable. For the shrimp, they are aquatic animals too, and probably have close to plants' needs. Maybe there are special ferts for shrimp, though. But go ahead and try it. I use Seachem Flourish Comprehensive which is micronutrients. Be very careful of using Copper in shrimp tanks.


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