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Originally Posted by caoder View Post
Any updates?

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I'm embarrased to say that I've done nothing to the tank since my last post. I've looked it over some more and decided I need to try to dismantle the aquarium in order to restore it. There are hex nuts at each corner on the bottom of the tank sealed with some kind of black tar. I need to remove the tar to unscrew the hex nuts which should allow removal of the 4 sides, glass, and bottom. I can already remove the top. Thought of possibly having the parts then taken to a professional to have the bronze oxidation/corrosion cleaned off. Not sure if they dip it in chemicals or soda or bead blast them. I need to see if I can remove the top to the stand as it's really corroded but I think it's welded to the four legs.
Still haven't decided if the stand was originally painted black or not. Does seem odd that they would paint brass/bronze but I don't want to remove it if it's original as it's still in pretty good shape. Still wish I knew what the lights underneath were for. Doesn't make sense that they'd be for heat or they would have had a glass or bronze dome for more surface area to increase heat transfer. Since it's just little flat glass windows I think they were just for illumination rather than heating.
The nickle finials on the stand have holes going all the way through them and two are treaded so something was apparantley hanging above or behind the tank originally. Probably will never know for sure but my guess would be some sore of plant holders as several of these early aquariums had plant holders as part of them.

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