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Originally Posted by don.dagg View Post
OK guys I have a quick question. Has anyone tried to add an extra line into the reactors to input air? My co2 will be on a timer for the solenoid to turn it off at night, but how about adding the air pump line on a timer to turn on at night? If I can inject co2 why can't I inject o2 and eliminate one more hose feeding into the tank? Do you think this will work? Any opinions or other ideas? Thanx
I've done it. I need to play with it more. I tried using a T with check valves but my check valve was leaking a little co2 out to the air pump so I've been waiting to try different check valves. I did get all kinds of false pearling like I have never seen before the two mornings I tried it manually so it seems like it does do something.

The reactor fills up very quickly with my larger air pump. I have a smaller one with a controllable flow rate but that doesn't have enough power to push the air against the pressure of the water loop. I just ran the big pump until the filter housing was almost full and turned it off. Then it just gurgled away and was almost empty before lights on. I'm thinking about putting the big air pump on a timer for say 15 min every night.

This is with the 20"/1" whole house water filter. The fatter one.
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