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This is my plants list right now:
1. Riccia Fluitans (crystalwort)
2. Broad Leaf Ludwigia (Ludwigia repens)
3. Narrow Leaf Ludwigia(Ludwigia palustris)
4. Bacopa monnieri
5. Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia)
8. Microsorium brassii (Needle Leaf Java Fern)
9. Sagittaria subulata
10. Red Temple Plant (ALTERNANTHERA) red/purple
11. Vallisneria spiralis (Italian)
12. Crinum "Dwarf" onion plant (Zephyranthes candida)
13. Unknown Ludwigia. Possibly Ludwigia repens x L. Arcuata.
14. Unknown Crypt. [--No ID yet--] Possibly Cryptocoryne nevillii (Dwarf Crypt).

Just to be sure I researched all of them, and it seems they all can grow emersed. I'm more convinced that I should be waiting just a little bit more before flooding, though I'm not ignoring your advice. I'll flood in another week or two, at least just to wait until they won't float everywhere after water is in.

I've been observing them everyday so far, and making sure their humidity level is at optimal level, and I've been seeing a lot of new growth so I'm not so worried yet.
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