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Was at Petco Union Sq yesterday:

They got oscars. You know how I know? One of the medium sized ones jumped out of the top row of tanks and flopped onto the hard floor. Right in front of a lady with her dog (you know how their customers love bringing in their dogs with them)....the dog was so confused it looked up at it's owner and squeeled and the owner looked down at the oscar (erratically flopping at his point) and started screaming "omg omg omg...what do I do?!!!". She ran around looking for a petco employee while I calmly picked up with fish and tossed it back into the tank. The freaked out lady returns with an employee and told him about he oscar....but he sees none, I'm standing their and I shrug my shoulders. He looks back at the lady like she's crazy. LMAO.'s way overrated.
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