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I'm right off of Lake St. Clair. So I'm like 2.5-3 hours from GR.

Right now I have 3 tanks setup which I took down 2 tanks.

110g - White clouds, mollies, cardinal tetras, black skirt tetras, glow light tetras, bleeding heart tetras, kuhli loaches, south american catfish, glass catfish, red eye tetra, bloodfin tetra, glass tetra, white skirt tetra, scissortail rasbora, and sakura shrimp.

55g - albino BN plecos, brown BN plecos, albino long finned BN plecos, Peacock Gudgeons, Panda cories, pygmy cories, smudge spot cories, and rili shrimp.

10g - Blue show guppies and deep red cherry shrimp.

110g Tropical Community & Sakura Shrimp
55g BN Breeding Grounds, Peacock Gudgeons, Panda, Pygmies, & Smudge Spot Cories, Rili Shrimp
10g RCS and show guppies

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