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Originally Posted by lotuslullaby View Post
Your tank is so zen and relaxing at feeding time, beautiful to watch. Our neon tetras look more like pirahnas at feeding time. Do you think that the angels are better in large groups too? I love the picture of your dog, does she watch the fish in the tank or just help you set them up? =)
Yes, I love feeding time in my tank. The first minute or so is complete chaos, I use pellets that float for just a little bit before falling down, and the angels will be practically jumping out of water when eating them, the Jurupari will come near the surface and grab as many as he possibly can, the Altifrons get excited and start beating each other up...But then they all calm down and the angels start to just float around looking for more food and the Geos go and sift sand to get all the ones that have fallen down. It's pretty entertaining.

I'm not sure if Angels are better in large groups or not, TBH.

Thanks, Nelly's awesome She watches the fish AND helps me set up. When I was setting up the fx5 I put all my filter media from the AC110 into a bucket of tank water, and she was SO convinced that there were fish in the bucket that she refused to stop looking into it for about half an hour. There were no fish in the bucket...
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