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I set up three tanks with new amazonia in mid December.

- 10G, 3" ADA, new filter media, it's still leaching ammonia today at around 3ppm (I finally added some matured media two days ago)

- 10G, 3" ADA but only 1/3 of the tank length, matured media, no more detectable ammonia in less than 3 weeks.

- 8G, 2" ADA, half mature/half new media, cycled in 6 weeks (or I should say no more ammonia after 6 weeks).

A lot of bubbles helps, higher temperature helps too, matured media helps the most. I only do one 100% WC when there's no more ammonia (my ADA never leached more than 5ppm anyway) to get rid of the nitrate (will be super high, over 40ppm in mine). Just my experience, and hope it helps a bit.
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