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I joined the club a couple days ago. Wanting to stock my tank with a couple rams, a couple kribs and a school of rasporas, maybe harlequins. I seen some kribs at my not so local fs and wanted them so bad but didnt want to drop $9 each for 3 or 4 of them since my tanks only been up for 3 weeks. So the next day I seen the rams on sale for $5 at petsmart. I just wanted fish in the tank, you know how it is, so I got 3 of them hoping I had a male and 2 females. They were very shy fish and are very easily spooked, at least the first 24 hours they were. But yesterday I noticed the male had a few mold looking spots growing on his side and anal fin. So I dosed some pimafix along with the melafix I always dose when adding fish and came home late last night to him dancing all around the tank and finally settled to rest, RIP. This moring I noticed the small one had the same growth above its eye and now I figure its an infection of some sort. So im thinking of returning the two and letting my tank run for a little longer and not buying any from petsmart, I just never get healthy fish from them.
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