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Well. In a rather quick thought of regret I realized the LFS suggestion to use Goldfish to cycle my tank was a rather poor choice, though I was against it they stated it was my best option since they were dirty. They are dirty alright but the wrong kind of dirty. So I'm going to return them this weekend and hopefully get a more appropriate fish to cycle my tank.

Would anyone have any suggestions, I've always had good success with guppies & tetras.

As far as plants I'm hoping to order some Frogbit, Java Fern, pygmy chain (though I'm worried at how well it would hold in my substrate with corys)

I really love the way this tank
Jake's DBP 10gal For Cories & Shrimp
Has progressed, and I really enjoy the fauna/flora of it. I'd like to get some schooling fish that is readily easy to breed.

I'll have some more pictures up this weekend.
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