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Originally Posted by Tank Man View Post
Reading through this forum I see you do daily water changes for the first week and then slowly do less and less. Would you suggest doing the same with a larger tank (55g)? Would the larger volume reduce the need at all or would the bacteria's needs rise proportionally and therefore still benefit from the daily changes?

P.S. Thank you for the inspiration and this thread in general. The philosophy of keeping and maintaining a beautiful tank draw me into the hobby more than any singular plant, fish, or tank ever could.
Yes - no matter the tank size, you're going to want to refresh the water supply daily for the first week, every other day for the second week, twice a week for the third and once a week there after.

That being said, the water changes you do during the first week should be the easiest care sessions you ever do for the aquarium - water in, water out, fertilize. Algae should not yet have grown anywhere and there's no need to trim yet. This will also cultivate the habit for water change after the first "hell month."

Everything goes in proportion like you theorized - also too, the bacteria will only grow to the maximum support of the environment.

Great to hear that the thread has been an inspiration for you! Hopefully it will continue to do so.
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