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completely new and need advice

I'm pretty new to fish keeping and completely new to planted tanks. I have a 1.5 that houses a betta and 4 grass shrimp. an empty 10 gallon soon to be the home of the betta and shrimp. And a 30 gallon with 3 mollies 5 Glofish and a pleco. All 3 have Walstad NPT in their future.

I want to start with the 10 gallon for the betta and shrimp. What would be good plants for it and aquascaping as far as forground mid and background?

I live close to a lake what do y'all think about using sand/gravel from it as a cap. i have cheap top soil and play sand as well as walmart aquarium gravel.

Also what would be good plants for the 1.5 gal as a shrimp tank? it has a small LED light attached to it so im guessing they would need to be low light. Sorry this is so long been trying to figure this out for a while now any help suggestions and ideas are welcome!
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