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Got the sump plumbed. Angry at Aqueon. The 3' drain hose that came with the Proflex Model 1 was metric (just over 1" diameter fitting) and the sump fitting was exactly 1"....coupler wouldn't work. Chopped off the end fitting, and just welded the spa flex over the aqueon fitting with PVC cement. The other fun side was the elos drain which I knew was metric (just over 1.25"). Using a non-traditional implementation of a PVC fitting and some 3M structural plastic 2-part adhesive (and while the adhesive foamed out, sealed over with a big fat heatshrink), I made a section of original metric tubing work with imperial :P This thing isn't leaking anytime soon and passed the 24 leak test with flying colors.

Tank has had water for a few days to start the tanning leach and any residual ammonia from the MTS since I may not have let it fully mineralize.

Trying to get plants here next week. To work with, I'm hopefully going to get:

Petite nana
Taiwan moss
Marsilea Quad/minutea (not sure what it really is. Stays ~1")
C. petchii
C. albida
C. undulata
C. crispatula
C. lucens
C. parva
C. wilissi
C. wendtii hybrid

Still trying to figure out what fish will eventually go in here.
Still cleaning up the wiring of the sump and CO2 stuff will be here next week.

Water level is a little lower than I'd like by ~ 1/2", but that's because I opted for using the Eheim 1250 that was originally on the skimmer rather than the 1260. I think the 1260 might be too much flow. I might do a little modding to effectively raise the overflow drain level.

(don't mind the cell phone photo quality :P)
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