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Honestly, the vast majority of books are pretty out of date- especially in terms of equiment recommendations, as models are changing all the time.

Since you aren't setting up a high light/CO2-injected tank, really- just keep your life easier and don't worry about CO2, at all. (Most of the debates about surface agitation on non-injected tanks are just academic and nothing more than speculation, anyways.)

Stick with "low light" plants, and you should be fine.

A lot about planted tanks really is trial and error. Go ahead and use your current filter, and see how it works! If you find dead spots in your tank and need more flow, add more. If you find debris builds up and need more mechanical filtration, add more. If one species of plant just doesn't grow like you want it to, try something else.... Till you end up with something that works for you.

The one thing that low light tanks DO require- more than anything else- is patience. So be patient with yourself, too! You really don't have to absorb it all at once!

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