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yea i agree.. it makes sense that it will depend on how bad they have the worms.. like my fish only had 1 or 2 worms at the most sticking out..

When my 2 golden rams in my QT'ed tank got better i didn't see any of the worms in the bottom of the tank.. I have no gravel in it so it was easy to see anything that came out of them.. My filter did suck up a lot though. I had been feeding them blood worms to pass the worms quicker, and some of the fecal matter was extremely dark red, which could of included some of the worms in them? That was when I noticed that they were much healthier and swimming about in the tank instead of idling and sitting by themselves in the corner. Hope i don't have to deal with this again, but for 30 dollars my Vet got me 100 grams, which is basically a lifetime supply of the stuff lol.
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