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Nwa's 85 gallon starphire diy almost cube updated 09/01/13

Mostly this is a place holder, but everything is on order and just got the first item of the build!!

The tank dimensions are
36" x 30" x 18"

It will be all glass made out of 3/8" and the three viewable sides will be LIG, sadly the glass will be last to arrive due to shipping but just gives me time to work on the stand etc!!

Lighting will be led, i was going to custom build a fixture but total cost was going to run near $600 and personally i couldn't justify this cost... So i ran across this fixture and will be giving it a try, it will be suspended, how high, well we will see.

Filtration will be internally housed much like my custom nano tank but refined and better will be using a740 gph with practically no head height.

Now the first picture to kick it off

This weekend.. The stand hopefully

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