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Walstad wrote a book, and has some good info on it
Plants unless growing fast or with great biomass cannot be the sole filtration of what we as aquarist consider a stocked tank

It requires lots of plants and very few fish.. so filtration and water movement are very good for us

As to the co2 bubble thing.. plants are going to use whats available and adjust their metabolism to such.. dirted tanks release co2 from decay as does food, and so on. But without good oxygenation these bacterium cannot produce said co2. Or better yet, they will but will use available oxygen and starve ur fish of it
So in a low tech tank its simple to have decent surface agitation which will promote gas exchange oxygen and carbon and plants will adjust
Bubblers dont remove co2 in a non injected tank. They only increase it by increasing surface agitation if no co2 is added.
The amount recieved is minimal, this is why you want low light, keeping things stable will allow the plants to adjust, much as you adjust to higher or lower altitudes for oxygen consumption

For your sanity, co2 isnt a factor until u increase light levels.
nless you want to know the science behind everything!
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