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i just got back from a ReefAquarium shop, i wanted to go there because i was refered to one of their seler, he's known to be a 'freak' for lightning...

I was under the false impression that T5HO were THE light suited for plants.
He made me do some math for T5HO, some fixture are cheaper, but the one i target will be in 300-400$ price range. I was under the impression that T5HO were good for more than a year, i even saw somewhere up to 24 months... he told me that i should plan changing every 8 months or so (12 months max).
300$ fixture
4x39w T5HO (4x25-30$) lets say 100$ every 8 months
it makes 450$ initial + 100$ in the same year. 550$ year 1... its a pretty decent LED system at that price
Also power consuption, 156w vs a lot less for LED...

I also stumble on a pretty nice tread: LED Lighting Compendium

ok ok... i will consider LED... in fact i'm pretty much changing my mind now... i feel i lost so much time trying to figure out CFL, T8, T5HO

i'm more lost than ever... and i feel lighting is one of the most improtant item to settle for my tank!!!
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