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Can a needle valve upgrade be done on any regulator?

I have a cheaper seems to be generic type lower end regulator. It costs around 70 bucks. I am running a higher than normal pressure to run my green leaf diffuser which is working out great. The problem is I am getting some float from the pressure & I notice some dosage seems to vary a little. I am a little concerned that if I am away I could gas my fish, because if I keep my Kh set at 3 & ideal dosage of 1 bubble every 3 second seems to work out well , however I have caught the ph dipping below 6.4 on occasion even though 6.6 is the norm. I run a solenoid as well.
I guess what I want is a little more control with the dosage with a finer needle valve. Are they expensive & how difficult are they to install. Are there some regulators that cannot be upgraded this way?
My budget is low & I already have put way too much money already than expected so if it costs more than 100 bucks I will pass on it, because I have a 55 sitting an waiting for pressurized CO2 right now , but still saving & planning for the set up. Suggestions would be great.
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