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see I had a completely different reaction. After 24 hours my Rams that were infected with C. Worms, were active and all their color had come back. Their appetite came back better than ever too. What is included in the Levamisole you got?

When they were infected i could see the worms coming out of them and my fish would just sit on the bottom and wouldn't eat..

The next day like i mentioned they were swimming all over and color had come back. I since dosed another one for them.

The levamisole i got from a Vet in a neighboring town worked great. Ill have to look when i get home tomorrow to see exactly what it was.. but it is the powder form and it isn't 10% like most people say.. It is a much higher concentration

I was lucky I was able to get ahold of it without a prescription.. they are kind of a hillbilly middle of nowhere Vet office and they didn't care.

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