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also to help, make sure your wiping down then glass,
THEN changing water as well as at least rinse down filter pads a few hours later
this will remove as much of the algae as possble

water changes do more than just remove waste, they remove parasites, fish and plant horomone, increase alkalinity which bacteria need to survive
+much more

on higher light high growth tanks even more is suggested. I've found this suggestion is adequate
on my tanks i change 60-80% water weekly, for clarity, organics removal, and to help with algae.. as water passes by plants and exposes them to air, algae spores are removed and the plant tissue is kinda cleaned as well as exposed to carbon rich air which it actively absorbs (theory) which helps promot good growth
this theory is almost proved by doing water changes and measuring growth over a month period vs not in a similar contrl tank.. growth is significantly different

again GOOD JOB!!
its always nice to see a good tank turnaround
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