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Sorry if I wasn't that clear in my explanation. I also contacted that Charles guy, he responded to me once, then never returned an email so I went elsewhere for my levamisole.

Anyway, I followed his instructions as well. When i mentioned 24 hours, it also depends on how strong the levamisole you are dosing as well..

Like some of the people mention, putting in more than what is called for doesn't hurt the fish.

Don't worry I did treat my Rams 3 times, I just dosed the recommended dosage and let it go in my tank for 24 hours, then did a water changed. Several days later I dosed again.

I no longer see any worms. I do understand that C. Worms are very resistant, but most become this way if they are born in fish farms where they became resistant to lots of medications.. The fish i bought were raised in a pet store and didn't have all the fish farm type meds. So far all my fish are completely fine.

Like i said i plan on treating my tank several more times to be sure. Even though I don't have any more fish showing any issues. At least I have a cure if they get it again.
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