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Originally Posted by switch26 View Post
I just noticed this post.. I got Camallanus worms or whatever in one of my Golden rams, and didn't know what it was til he got really bad.. I first went to Tractor supply and got Fendbendazole or whatever.. and soaked blood worms in it and then treated. Didn't work all that well.. I had to wait for a Vet to get Levamisol for me. Some tractor supplies have it apparently so if some of you guys are struggling to find it check out any tractor supply stores. My host fish died the night before i got the Levamisole.. My rams were all store bred, so idk where i got the worm from..

Anyway, i did a 24 hour treatment twice and it seemed to clear up the worms in my rams.. All of their color returned and they began scooting around the tank as usual.

I returned everything back to my 30 gallon out of the Quarantined 5 gallon.. as none of my other fish have any signs of it. But just in case i did do 1 treatment on my 30 gallon and plan to do another one probably next wk just in case..

They suggest to vacuum your gravel and drain the water because of the eggs from the worms and Levamisol doesn't necessarily kill the worms, it just stuns them then they fall into your tank.. that is why they say to vacuum.

Can't believe no one has posted this article, but you all need to read this if you have any issues with C. Worms
Hi switch

I dont want to scare you, but all of the research i have seen (and yes, i came upon that article) states exactly what charles wrote about this this article.(

I HIGHLY doubt 24 hours of treatment was enough. These are parasites, not bacteria are are NOT easily killed. Simply dosing and then expecting just to vaccum them out are the reason we are seeing resistant strains of C worms. They are extremely hardy parasites and everything i have seen stated treatment for 3 days twice. I know the entire post is alot, but most of what you posted here is discussed within all of the posts. The Lev actually does completely kill the worm. I watched this happen over a 3 day period as my large angels got rid of them.

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