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lost in lightning!!! for my new 50-60 gal project

I'm reading since a while on this forum, found lots.. lots.. lots of informations, maybe to much . I'm kinda lost for lightning!!

I'm starting to plan my new projet. All my other tanks ar low-mid light, prety much low tech. I want this project to be high light, hight tech.:
1. Tank (not decided yet)
a. ADA or Do Aqua 90cm x 45cm x 45 cm (~160L)
b. Blau Aquaristic : 36'' x 20'' x 20'' (~230L)
2. CO2 system, drop check, diffuser, Blau aquaristic lily pipes, etc
3. Filter Eheim 2215/2217 or Sicce Whale 2 or 3 (all depend of tank size)

3. Hardscape, unsure but i think i'll be inspired by that :

4. Stocking: few species for larger number of each. not decided yet (oto, 6-8cory panda, 1-2 species of shoaling fish, probably RCS). i don't want something to crowded...

5. Lightning!!!! HELP!!
i looked at many treads, forum, suppliers.... but i'm lost. T5HO seems to be the way to go but some CFL seems good too. I will avoid LED.

- Aquatic Life 36" T5 High Output Fixture with 4 - 39W Bulbs and 4 - 1W Lunar LED's - Built-in Digital Timer
- Blau Aquaristic Lumina - 36" 4 x T5-HO 39W
- Deep Blue SolarXtreme - 36" Quad Lamp Fluorescent T5 HO Light System with Moonlight LEDs
- Hagen Glo T5 High Output 36" Double Light Fixture - With 1-Lifeglo II and 1-Marine-glo (actinic) 39 Watt T5 High Output Bulb

Coralife FRESHWATER 36" 2-96 Watt Aqualight
but i have seen some supplier stopping to supply this product du to lack of demand !?!

Any advice on lightning would be REALLY REALLY appreciated,

thanks in advance!
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