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can a 10 gallon planted tank be moved to a different stand?

I have a nice well balanced high tech planted tank that is doing well. I never thought I would have a tank do so well after what it went through. This 10 gallon tank in question was just supposed to be an experiment. Now I have grown respect for it.
The problem is: the tank is sitting on 2 ceramic floor tiles 12X12 & no tank mat which is supported by 2 plastic milk crates. It came in handy when a new floor was put down. I just picked the tank up by the crate handles 50% drained with another person and placed it on a dolly & rolled it out of the room in minutes. Actually it is kind a mobile in a way.
Now I want to know if the tank can be placed on a nice wooden stand where I can conceal the canister filter & CO2 tank. Can this be done or will it come as a high percentage of error. The tank has been recently stocked & the fish were in Qt for 10 weeks , they are doing really well now and I would hate to stress them again. To me it seems it would be difficult to lift the tank up onto another stand & get it to sit down into another stand without stressing that thin glass. I have at least 3 inches of Flourite for the substrate & 1 good size rock, with heavy plant bio mass. Can the tank be moved with minimal risk?? What would the cracking chances be.??? Will I have to live with it??
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