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The process has been slow but today made some progress. Broke down my Scuber Wright tank, did some cleaning and tied a bunch of anubias nana petite to some river stones. My other two tanks are now waiting to be transplanted. I'm reusing my Aquasoil since its less then 6 months old. Still waiting on my sump as there was a delay in shipping. Will drill holes in the table for the input and output lines for a clean look.

Side note: this cabinet stand I bought from City Mill is a nice match for my Eheim Aquastyle 6 gallon (my future shrimp tank).

In the mean time, I'm studying the rule of thirds and aquascaping principles in general. Trying to take the next step of making a "contest worthy" tank.

This is the branch wood I had in my Fuval Edge 6 gallon. I'm liking that position and plan to put the other set of branch wood on the left 1/3 line, making it the main focal point of the tank. Or at least that's what I think its suppose to do.

Comments and suggestions welcomed. I want to get things done right. Anyone got suggestions on where I plan to place my sump overflow box.

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