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Thank you for the comment! I feel ya on the moss, it is due for a little trim- I need to get some of those long curved scissors, it sucks to use just normal scissors hahah.

I have also been thinking about trimming (probably will tomorrow) those couple gangly hygrophila to make them the same length as the others I recently trimmed and lined the middle back with, they just seem to always lose their bottom leaves (I suspect due to low nutes and light/shading from upper leaves. I kind of like the bamboo look of the stem though and think if I had a whole bunch all really tall it might look kind of cool.

Right side definitely needs some more green. I am open to any cool plant suggestions. I might also move the crypts to flank the madagascar lace in the middle and add a little more contrast and dimension. On a side note anyone see any problems with planting somewhat in/under the moss, just seeing if anyone would think I would have problems with bulbed plants.

I did add a black background and hung my power strip on the wall with velcro tape today (awesome invention). Here is a pic, I really like how it makes the plants pop!

Will be gone this weekend, but will probably order some new plants while I am gone- something cool to put on the driftwood on the right and some other plants to fill in that side.

Got wood to build a stand today too! Almost forgot.

I may try to catch your fish if they are big enough
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