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Progression of my 55 Gallon (Beware lots of pictures!)

Just an update! Had an algae issue, made some changes and heres where I am at! Still digging it. I also added some new inhabitants! Several more otos, 7 nerite snails, added a female blue ram, changed out the shoaling fish to Serpae tetras, and sold 2 angels.

55 Gallon Planted

3 GBR, 2 Bolivian Rams, 1 Juvenile Super Red BN Plecos, 9 Oto Catfish, 9 Bloodfin Tetras
Rotala Indica, Cardamine, Crypt Spiralis, Pygmy Chain Swords, Dwarf Sag, Lutea Crypt, Wendtti Bronze and Red, and Floating Frogbit
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