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Cycle looks like it's complete as I am registering 0 nitrite but about 2.5ppm of nitrate. I can confirm the ADA Amazonia is leaching ammonia though because levels have stayed constant between 0.5 - 1.5ppm. Still doing ~75% daily WC's until that subsides.

Hairgrass is also growing and noticeably rooting and spreading, there are new sprouts emerging from the soil around each original plant. Planning to make an appointment with ADG to pick up some of the Amazonia "Powder Type" to cover the relatively coarse looking substrate in the 2g tank, as well as look into tiny pieces of driftwood and rock to replace the current rock scape. Hairgrass will stay but looking for a little more height via wood or rock, and also hope to add baby tears as a foreground plant. If driftwood goes in it's getting a moss wrap.
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