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I'm wondering if someone can help me with ferts. Here's my tanks specs:

-low tech/non CO2
-29 gal, 12" wide, 30" long and 18" high IIRC
-eco complete substrate
-HOB filter
-2x T5NO 18watt 6,700K bulbs (corralife)
-hard water from a well but I don't think it's from calcium because I live in the granite state and there's no lime stone around here. But I do live on an old farm with 18" of farm loam. I think it's magnesium that is making it hard--that's what my mom seems to remember was in the tests way back when
-pH 7.6, no ammonia or nitrites 5ppm nitrates
-I feed every other day
-3 madagascar rainbows, 1 small dwarf gourami, 3 japonica shrimp
-lots of anubias nana and some petite, M. minuta (not doing so well), pennywort, something like coralina bacopa, a tiny bit of dwarf sag still holding on although probably dying, and lots of algae which I think is a brownish-green on the glass
-I do a weekly small water change even though I know you're not supposed to but I just think if I don't do it regularly and I only do a big water change very rarely my fish will kick the bucket as they have in the past when I've skipped a few weeks of water changes out of sheer laziness.

To make my life easier (I am ok at math but not so much at stupid american measuring systems....) I think I'll just go with the given measurements for a 20gal. Is that ok?

Once a week:

1/8 tsp KNO3
1/32 tsp KH2PO4
4ml of 1 tbs/250 ml solution of CSM+B

I don't want to dose anything that has calcium or magnesium in it. What does CSM+B stand for and what is in it? And how do you guys handle such tiny measurements? Do you make a solution and then dose from there? Or maybe I should just weigh it and then go by weight?
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