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I got my GBR and golden rams from a local place that raises all their own Rams of any type.. Only issue is most are only a month or 2 old so i had 1 die like 2 days after i got it for no reason.

Since then I had 5 total, One got a bad case of camallanus worms.. i had no idea what it was so i got ahold of Levamisole a day late so i wasn't able to save the host fish.

I did cure the other 2 hopefully.. In the midst of treating, 2 of my GBR spawned 2 days after i introduced the new female. The eggs didn't hatch cause the F'ing snails got into them..

Someone said that if they eggs were "ok" or fertilized properly the Rams wouldn't let the eggs get eaten by snails, but i call bs on that.. Has anyone succesfully bred Rams and had their eggs hatch in a tank that has a lot of Ramshorn snails? Just wondering because I will try to eliminate them if I can't spawn them otherwise.
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