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Heater question

Just recently my 200 watt heater broke... well it not broken but the thermostat is very unaccurate, I dont know the brand of it at the moment its set for 87, (95 max) and it turns off at around 76 degrees. I thought it was my thermometer, so I purchased another one and still reads the same.

I had this old heater an ebo jager 125 sitting around and its much more accurate keeps the tank at 78/79 but it's on a lot it seems. The tank is a 37 gallon. The room temp is prolly around 65-68.

My question is should I get a bigger heater say a 200 watt Eheim Jager? Will the 200 watt be more energy efficient because it wont have to stay on as long? Or since the 125 is doing the job and is a lower watt it would end up using less energy anyway?
Thanks, Clay

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