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Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
what color are its eyes in some pics they look light color orange or maybe a silverish color? and it looks like either a wild neo or tibee to me but then again i dont keep either type
It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the eyes are a solid black.

I'd never even heard of a CRSxNeo cross before. It is possible that's what this guy is. I know that I had a berried CRS give birth in early January, but I've never seen any baby CRS in the tank. It would have grown faster than any shrimp I've seen before - so maybe the possibility exists that one was pregnant and gave birth that I didn't notice. Thanks, Liam and Soothing Shrimp!

I must admit, Alexopolus, that your pictures sure do look similar to mine. The stripes look a little fuller on your tibees though. There's never been a tiger near that tank on my end. I was sold the CRS as PRL, but it's also a possibility that they could have been crossed with a tiger.

Appreciate the help guys, very informative.
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