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[QUOTE=Xalyx;2532562]I stumbled across that thread last night and it was the most informative thread I've ever read on here. Kept me up to 1 AM even though I had to wake up at 5 AM. I'm also glad you're doing this in college you're just firing me up and making me realize my goals are very possible. When I get into a dorm in Sept 2013 or Jan 2014 the first thing I want to do is a Mini tank. I have big goals for my second tank and I definitely learned from my 55G it's not going to take me tank after tank I want to get it right the second time around.

What's most impressive is the variety of plants and how each individual species has a resounding impact. Sure I could probably do a one species HC, glosso, hairgrass but the combination of plants that you have takes much more skill and the result is simply amazing. I am amazed by how good it looks. I have a little under a year before I'll be in a position to setup something like this anyway, trying to do as much as I can with my 55G while I still can to build up my skills for a Mini M.

Btw, is this the type of diffusser you use?
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Maintaining a planted tank in a dorm might be quite challenging. its just my opinion because I'm staying in an apartment outside campus so I don't know how difficult its gonna be. just make sure you plan ahead thoroughly.

I used that diffuser before but now I switch to a diffuser that don't have the suction cup fixed at an angle. That will limit its placement in your tank. its just for aesthetic purpose.
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