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Since this is a related topic I'll ask here. Found an oxygen regulator (Harris 25-100c) but that won't work I believe. I dont see any CGA540 (oxygen?) to CGA320 adapter and I dont think they make any.
Found also a Harris 25-500c. Apparently it is called a nitrogen purging regulator? 0-500 delivery pressure but I'm afraid that is all I found. What's a purging regulator anyway? Cannot find much info
Also found another regulator by Western enteprises, however it is a 0-6000psi inlet and 0-200 delivery pressure. No other information but from the website it's an inert gas regulator but not under liquid cylinder regulator??
There's a difference between liquid cylinder regulator and gas regulator? Isn't an inert gas liquified under pressure?
This is all very confusing, why can't we find co2 regulators like normal people?
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