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Originally Posted by ange062 View Post
He does seem happier when the pump is off, and when it's on I find he tends to stay in certain areas of the tank that in theory should be the lowest flow or "dead zones". I had been brainstorming on ideas to cut down on the flow, so thanks for the idea
Mine did the same thing. He also got stuck on the intake before I turned it down. I tried to put filter floss over the intake but the flow was still strong enough that he would hide all the time. Once I cut the two small holes the flow was nice enough that he could rest on the intake (which he LOVED to do!) and then swim off against the flow when he was done. As a side note, if you cut some holes in the line it stimulates flow in the back chamber and any heater you are hiding back there becomes much more effective. The trade-off is that you get reduced flow which for me led to some algae build up until I started dosing Flourish Excel.
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