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The fish is so striking I want to develop my choice of other fish around it. Reading has so far suggested an aggresive fish. A tip on another website suggested placing the red-tailed black shark in as a last addition that way you prevent the rts from claiming territory over the entire tank. Along with the simple tips of avoiding similar looking fish, same genus, but to rather match it with a moderate aggresive fish that is more robust (some websites have suggested a variation of the barb)

It will be trial and error! I'm so far out from even having any fish (currently in week 2 of my dry start), will likely have my first fill of water during the last week of march, then planning to just focus on the plant growth and stabilize that system before slowly adding fish. IF I make the choice to add the red-tailed black shark in - it will be a final addition to the piece. Until then, I'll keep the learning up! Thanks for the advice.
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